Women and Youth Advocacy

The Women and Youth Advocacy Department provides advocacy, strategic analysis and coordination related to Women’s Issues and Youth engagement and empowerment. 


Our key objectives are as follows; 

  • Engage NAN Women’s Council and NAN Oshkaatisak council in an advisory role in all sectors of the Women and Youth Advocacy and all relevant NAN strategies and initiatives
  • Advocate for positive development opportunities for women and youth
  • Advocate for improved resources and responses to community safety issues such as MMIWG, men’s healing initiatives, violence prevention, suicide prevention and root causes which contribute to community safety issues as identified by women and youth.
  • Creating awareness in NAN First Nations by participating in education and awareness campaigns specific to issues identified as priorities for women and youth.


Through resolutions and strategic planning, the Women and Youth Advocacy Department support the following initiatives;


 The Girl Power/Wolf Sprit Program - A youth resiliency project for 10 First Nations. NAN is responsible for managing the flow through funding from Ministry of Children and Youth Services to the First Nations leading the projects.

 The Men’s Healing Initiative has worked primarily to support justice and healing for those individuals and families who have suffered emotional trauma as a result of the abuse by convicted pedophile Ralph Rowe.  NAN supports individuals through coordinating healing weeks to assist immediate and long term needs for recovery and healing. 

The First Nation Draw-the-Line Campaign is a provincial campaign on sexualized violence. There is a special focus on rural and remote First Nation communities while being culturally relevant and sensitive. NAN is the current coordinating body to implement the education and awareness components of Draw the Line.  For more info on resources please visit; http://www.fndrawtheline.ca/ 

The Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison Initiative is under Ontario’s Strategy to End Human Trafficking. The Liaison program is intended to support Indigenous communities in providing survivor focused and localized responses to human trafficking.   NAN is one of five partner organizations across the province. 


The Women and Youth Advocacy department is also the main coordinating and administrative support for the NAN Women’s Council and NAN Oshkaatisak Council.  For more information….please link here….