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Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP)

The victim quick response program (VQRP) offers timely assistance to victims of violent crime.

The program contributes financial assistance to victims of :

• Domestic violence

• Sexual assault

• Serious physical assault

• Homicide

• Attempted murder

• Hate crimes


Who can apply:

• The victim

• Immediate family member

• Custodial guardian of a minor child

• Individual with legal authority to act on behalf of a victim with special needsneeds

What type of support is available?

Victims may be able to access financial contributions from VQRP in the following areas:

Counselling—to help victims of serious crimes access immediate short-term mental health care

Funeral expenses — to help families of homicide victims

Emergency expenses:

• Emergency home safety expenses

• Emergency transportation costs

• Emergency dependant care (child, elderly or

special needs dependant)

• Emergency accommodations and meals

Are you eligible?

VQRP offers immediate assistance to victims of crime when services and funding are not available through other sources.

To be eligible:

• Victim must reside in Ontario

• The Crime must have occurred in Ontario

• The Crime must be reported to the police

• In the event of domestic violence, hate crime or sexual assault the crime can be reported to service agencies dealing with those types of crimes (domestic violence shelter, hospital, etc.)

• Applications for emergency and funeral expenses must be received no later then 45 days after the date of the crime

• Applications for counselling services must be received at no later then 90 days after the date of the crime

* Are you eligible for support through Non-Insured Health Benefits, Ontario Works or Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada?

How much can I apply for?


Where there is one victim VQRP may contribute to the cost of ten individual counselling / traditional healing sessions not to exceed $1,000. Where transportation is limited there can be a $250 contribution for travel to counselling. Where there are more then five victims and group counselling or a healing circle has been deemed appropriate the contribution may not exceed $5,000. In the event that a counsellor or healer may need to travel to a remote northern community the contribution may not exceed $7,500.

Funeral Expenses

Where there are no other resources available to fully meet expenses VQRP may contribute a maximum of $5,000 to family victims of homicide cases. $1,000 may be accessed by northern community members for burial preparations of the deceased.

Emergency expenses

VQRP may contribute to emergency expenses not to exceed a combined maximum of $1,000 per occurrence to eligible victims in the four emergency categories.

* Please note that funds are not given directly to the victim or family but to the agency providing the service.

How can victims of crime access these services?

Eligible victims of crime may contact us directly OR Other service delivery agents may assist with your application and contact our office. For example, you may request assistance from:

Local Crisis Team Coordinator, Local Mental Health, Worker /Counsellors, Other local Front-

Line Workers, Police Services, Victim Witness Assistance Program. Victim Crisis Assistance,

Referral Services and Womens’ Shelters