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Staying Ahead of the Game!

Game Planet Interactive Educational Video

Please see the Resources page for INTERACTIVE SITES and education.

Keep it fun...

  • don't gamble alone
  • set reasonable limits on time/money spent
  • learn more about gambling
  • spend more time with family
  • use your "gambling money" for something special
  • get involved in other activities
  • magic and luck have nothing to do with it...keep it real
  • don't gamble to solve, cope or avoid problems
  • don't borrow from family, friends, credit cards, household monies
  • gamble only what you can afford for entertainment
  • be realistic...the odds are against you

Gambling and Children

Gambling has become a big part of our day-to-day lives. Today's children are the first generation to grow up with gambling all around them. As parents, we have an important role in what we teach our children about gambling.

What Message do we give the children when we:

  • have them play a bingo card for us
  • have them pull tabs for us
  • use their pictures for good luck charms
  • let them pick a lucky ticket
  • pawn our belongings
  • tell them they will get a present when we win
  • tell them they won't get a present because we didn't win
  • borrow money from them/family/friends
  • send them out to borrow money for us to play
  • can't afford the simple pleasures that they would like
  • can't afford the basic needs of food and clothing

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

  • family problems
  • spending a lot of time gambling
  • increasing the amount spent
  • bills keep getting bigger
  • hopes to win big
  • promises to cut back
  • lies, makes excuses,
  • defends behavior about gambling
  • boasts about winning
  • borrows money to gamble
  • uses household money to gamble
  • prefers gambling to family/friends/events
  • seeks more opportunities to gamble
  • neglects family and personal needs


Role Modeling


"The excuses we make, the lies we tell and how we only cheat ourselves."
- by someone who knows