Oshkaatisak Youth Council

Call for Applications for the Oshkaatisak (All Young People’s) Council

The NAN Oshkaatisak Council is seeking applications for two new members to join our Youth Council. As a Youth Council we have the following objectives:

  • To be recognized and affirmed as a voice for Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) youth living in First Nation communities and urban areas.
  • To promote unity, strength, and success, amongst NAN Youth.
  • To express diligence and resilience through written and spoken discourse.
  • To be an advocating body on behalf of NAN youth at the communities, regional, national, and international level.
  • To share ideas and successes of NAN youth, and other First Nations youth.
  • To accept spirituality and religious beliefs as an important foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • To be honest, understanding, and respectful of the diversity and uniqueness of others and our environment.
  • To know the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle of physical and mental well-being in order to be a positive role model for present and future generations.
  • To preserve and protect the abundance of First Nation’s traditions and values in the NAN territory.
  • To work in solidarity with NAN communities to achieve their respective objectives.
  • To strive towards assisting NAN reaching its full potential through education, self-awareness, and commitment to well-being.

As a Youth Council member you will take part in council meetings and at times represent the Youth Council and advocate for youth issues by participating in meetings, events and other initiatives that directly impact youth within NAN. Oshkaatisak Council members will serve a term of 4 years. All members of Oshkaatisak Council will sign a code of conduct.

If you are interested in joining the youth council please complete the following steps to submit your application;

Step One: Prepare a letter of interest

Prepare a letter of interest. In your letter please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your occupation (If applicable)
  • Level of education you have completed.
  • How you are active in your community.
  • What skills, gifts, talents, can you offer to the Oshkaatisak Council.
  • What do you hope to learn/gain by participating on the Oshkaatisak Council?
  • What are some of the issues you hope to address if you are selected to be a member of the Oshkaatisak Council

Step two: Ask a community member or leader for a letter of support

Your letter of support can be from a respected community member; a leader, an Elder, a Teacher (past or current), a Minister, a NAPS officer, or band office staff member. This letter can include information about how they know you, why they think you would be a good candidate for the Oshkaatisak Youth Council.

Step three: Submit your application

Submit your letter of interest and your support letter together. All applications are to be submitted either by email, fax, or hand delivered, no later than July 21, 2017 5pm Eastern time.

Please send all applications to:

Donna Simon
Women and Youth Initiatives Coordinator
Nishnawbe Aski Nation
701 Victoria Avenue East
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 5P7
Fax: 807-623-7730
Email: dsimon@nan.on.ca

Process for selection

The Oshkaatisak Council will review all applications. Once applicants have been reviewed an email notice will be sent out to all applicants informing of selections. If you have any questions please direct inquiries to Donna Simon, Women and Youth Initiatives Coordinator at dsimon@nan.on.ca or 1(807)625-4984 direct line.


Download Call for Applications Poster

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