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What is HIV? 


Human - This virus needs the human body to survive. The virus is passed from one person (human) to another.


Immunodeficiency - Immuno refers to the immune system. This is the system in the body that keeps us healthy. Deficiency means that something is not working properly or normally. When HIV enters the body it weakens the immune system. The immune system is not able to work properly to fight off illnesses and diseases.


Virus - Very tiny being that makes copies of itself by invading other cells.

HIV gets into the body and begins to weaken the immune system. The immune system fights illnesses.


What is AIDS?


Acquired - Means to get. The body is exposed to HIV and gets infected.


Immune - Referring to the system that fights diseases and infections.


Deficiency - Not working properly. Unable to fight off germs and bacteria to keep the body healthy.


Syndrome - A group illnesses which indicate a certain kind of disease. Only a doctor can diagnose when HIV has developed to AIDS.

AIDS is the later stage of HIV. At this stage the immune system is unable to fight illnesses properly.